Week 5 – Activity

I usually sit alone in the dark unattached to technology except for my ipod, but since that’s technology I tried to think of what to do. I tried to read and realized I didn’t even have candles. The only candles I had were electrical and battery operated. I laughed a little because I couldn’t belive that candles weren’t even real. I sat on the couch in the dark thinking of what to do. I couldn’t think of anything. I litterally sat there thinking of thinking. Then I started to reflect on how I’m doing social and academicwise. Then I decided to eat some fruits. So I sat in the dark and just ate some fruits because I didn’t have real candles to read.20150926_225045


Week 5 – Classmate Conversation- Aida Gonzalez

Today I met Aida Gonzalez (http://aidagonzalez298.com/). She is a second year student at CSULB with a major in social work and a minor in child development. The question of the day was: “What do you swim in?” Aida interpreted this as “What are you doing here in Cal. State Long Beach?” She said she’s here to get a degree and have it as something she can rely on and call her own. She says this because no one could ever take that away from her.

Week 5 – Artist Conversation – Josh Benz

A collaboration of artists between: Jarand Abad, Josh Benz, Roddy Hernandez, Sery Kwon, Peter MaCaulay, Coleton Kargi, Karen Solis, & Krista Tsukashima.
These artists painted what they were dealing with: the present, past, and made up a future. These artists prepared themselves through mediation and relaxation. They didn’t get much sleep because they worked mostly through the night. They said working in the night gave them more energy and that the atmosphere had changed. It benefited them working in the night because no one else was there to bother them.
This painting shown above was done by Josh Benz and Karen Solis. Josh said his painting was to show his transition from college to adulthood. He said Karen started the painting by creating figures, as for him, he began painting immediately. The way they worked together was by painting their own area. Josh said Karen painted more passively and he painted more forcefully. He painted over and over his work until he felt comfortable with his art. He said Karen painted the lighting which balanced the painting all together. Their goal was to make the audience feel like they’ve stepped into the painting. From my point of view, their goal was accomplished.

Week 4: Painting

 tried my best to do bubble letters, but it wouldn’t come out the way I hoped. I sketched my name in bubble letters with marker and it came out fine, but when i went over it with the spray paint, it looked like a blob. I kept trying and did layers on layers, but I gave up and the picture shows my end result. At least it’s better than the blob.

Week 4: Classmate Conversation: Kahlia, Milagros, & Steve

Kahlia Cadle
Kahlia is 2nd year student majoring in accounting. Her hobbies and interest include music and writing. The question of the day I asked her, was if art matters. She believes art matters because as a musician, it’s used for self expression. She shows that art isn’t just about paintings, it’s musical too.

Milagros “Millie” Herrera (left) and Steve Yang (right)
https://millieherrera.wordpress.com/     https://stevoyang.wordpress.com/
Milagros “Millie” Herrera is a 3rd year student with a major in marketing. Her interest is of the combination of black and white, especially when they are stripes. Her hobbies include soccer, outdoor activities, and cooking. Millie is very open-minded when it comes to art and ideas. I asked her if art matters and she believes it does. She believes a world without art would be too simple. Art is what people create, anything from sandwiches to buildings.
Steve Yang is a senior graduating this semester. He is majoring in Chinese studies and business while minoring in hospitality management and human resources.  He says he will return to school to pursue his masters. He coaches the wrestling team at his former high school. I asked Steve if art matters and he also believes it does. He believes without art, there’s nothing in life and life would be too boring without it.

Week 4: Artists Conversation: Tidawhitney Lek, Emily Hernandez, & Jamie Strassenburg

“Disposable Thoughts” -Tidawhitney Lek & Daniel A. Rivera Echeverria
20150917_111226 20150917_11141620150917_111255
The idea behind “Disposable Thoughts” is how we dispose our thoughts to the world. The napkins are a collection of thoughts we expose or dispose. The napkins are represented as a reminiscent storytelling of our history. As I interviewed Tidawhitney she had a lot to say about this masterpiece. She said what’s on the napkins are thoughts. She strongly believed that thoughts keeps one unfocused and emotional. The medium she used was napkins. This piece is made of 1,000 napkins that were sewn together. She said the most difficult part of this piece was sewing the napkins together and installing it in the gallery especially because it was so fragile and could tear at any moment. When this piece was installed, figuring out how the audience was going to see it was a challenge too. She said Daniel Rivera proposed how to display the piece, and that was to display it as a tunnel. Sewing and installing this artwork both took about 35 hours.

Emily Hernandez’s oil collection:
Emily Hernandez painted a self portrait of herself which took over 20 hours. Her next painting is called “The Split” of two cats eating noodles.

“Inuit Mythos” -Jamie Strassenburg
Intuit Mythos was inspired by Native American art. This piece shown is called “Pukimna”. “Pukimna” was the guardian of caribou herds. To see and learn more about Jamie Strassenburg’s artwork, her website is http://www.jamiedraws.com/

Although I did not have a conversation with these two artists I still wanted to share their incredible artwork:
“Women in Bathtub” -Hu Zichao, Medium: Oil on canvas
“A Peeking Black Cat” -Lui Yimiao. Medium: Color pencil on paper

Week 3: Classmate Conversations: Zitel, Tabitha & Kristine

oday I met 3 classmates from left to right: Zitel, Tabitha & Kristine.
Zitel is a math major and is in her senior year. She believes art is a form of self expression through whichever medium used. Tabitha is a psychology major and is also in her senior year.  She believes art is anything someone creates out of inspiration. Kristine who is also a senior is a film major.  She believes art is expressive and a personal element of art that the artist has to do with imagining reality, another way of retelling the story.

Week 3: Artist Conversation: William Brigham

William Brigham’s artwork was displayed in the Merlino Gallery. I chose to upload these pictures of his artwork because they were so beautiful. The Medium he used was clay, ceramics, and used copper, brass, nickel and silver for the piece in the middle. He said that his pieces were not painted on separate mosaic pieces but were actually patterns that ran throughout his piece. I couldn’t find the right words to describe how beautiful his pieces are and how talented he is.  I just stand back in awe.

Week 3: Social Photography

Screenshot_2015-09-10-22-24-48 Screenshot_2015-09-10-22-24-58Screenshot_2015-09-10-23-24-18 Screenshot_2015-09-10-23-22-39
Today I uploaded on Instagram what I did throughout the day.  My first post was from the art galleries class attended to. I chose to upload that artwork because it was almost hypnotic by the designs. My second post was right after class when I went for a swim. My third post was of my favorite mug and of American Horror Story.  Lastly my fourth post was of my lights that intertwine with my headboard. Overall, I can say today was a relaxing way to start my weekend.

Week 2: Plaster Casting

On September 3rd I did the plaster casting. I attempted to make a molding of my hand. Although the wrist broke, it was still a fun process making the molding. Making the molding was a bit of a challenge, especially when the tide started to reach closer to where I made my molding.  In the end it came out better than I thought.