Week 4: Classmate Conversation: Kahlia, Milagros, & Steve

Kahlia Cadle
Kahlia is 2nd year student majoring in accounting. Her hobbies and interest include music and writing. The question of the day I asked her, was if art matters. She believes art matters because as a musician, it’s used for self expression. She shows that art isn’t just about paintings, it’s musical too.

Milagros “Millie” Herrera (left) and Steve Yang (right)
https://millieherrera.wordpress.com/     https://stevoyang.wordpress.com/
Milagros “Millie” Herrera is a 3rd year student with a major in marketing. Her interest is of the combination of black and white, especially when they are stripes. Her hobbies include soccer, outdoor activities, and cooking. Millie is very open-minded when it comes to art and ideas. I asked her if art matters and she believes it does. She believes a world without art would be too simple. Art is what people create, anything from sandwiches to buildings.
Steve Yang is a senior graduating this semester. He is majoring in Chinese studies and business while minoring in hospitality management and human resources.  He says he will return to school to pursue his masters. He coaches the wrestling team at his former high school. I asked Steve if art matters and he also believes it does. He believes without art, there’s nothing in life and life would be too boring without it.


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