Week 5 – Artist Conversation – Josh Benz

A collaboration of artists between: Jarand Abad, Josh Benz, Roddy Hernandez, Sery Kwon, Peter MaCaulay, Coleton Kargi, Karen Solis, & Krista Tsukashima.
These artists painted what they were dealing with: the present, past, and made up a future. These artists prepared themselves through mediation and relaxation. They didn’t get much sleep because they worked mostly through the night. They said working in the night gave them more energy and that the atmosphere had changed. It benefited them working in the night because no one else was there to bother them.
This painting shown above was done by Josh Benz and Karen Solis. Josh said his painting was to show his transition from college to adulthood. He said Karen started the painting by creating figures, as for him, he began painting immediately. The way they worked together was by painting their own area. Josh said Karen painted more passively and he painted more forcefully. He painted over and over his work until he felt comfortable with his art. He said Karen painted the lighting which balanced the painting all together. Their goal was to make the audience feel like they’ve stepped into the painting. From my point of view, their goal was accomplished.


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