Week 10 – Classmate Conversation – Kim Pham

Kim Pham
Kim is a second year health science major. She originally came to CSULB with a prenursing major, but changed it because it was limited to that field only, unlike health science, one can move up in that field. She came from West Minister High School and said she wasn’t really into sports, but likes having the liberty to work out however she wants at the gym. Her hobbies include Netflix (Orange is the New Black is her favorite) trying new food from different cultures, and learning about different cultures along with the language. Kim likes to be out and being productive with her time and says she’s hardly home because she keeps herself busy throughout the day. Kim loves to eat tamales, but has yet to find a restaurant with the best tamales. She likes art because she likes when artists are creative and not obvious. She likes when the artist doesn’t have a clear message in the art and makes the viewers think about it, Kim likes those challenges. As for the question of the week: “If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?”, Kim said she’d like to travel to the San Terranean Islands in Greece because the view is breathtaking, they overlook the clear blue ocean and loves the food. She has previously traveled to Texas and goes to Vietnam yearly. She likes to travel, but does not enjoy the flight, especially when she goes to Vietnam. She said it is a twenty hour flight and it’s very uncomfortable and cramped.


Week 9 – Activity – Transmedia

The year is 1961, during the invasion of Bay of Pigs. Russia had dropped a nuclear bomb and wiped out most living things. A spider that had ingested the nuclear waste bit a monkey and a pig. They then gained super powers and thus, became Spider Monkey and Spider Pig. Spider Monkey and Spider Pig became best friends and would fight crime against the Russians. These two heroes became well known and powerful. Unfortunately, Spider Pig was blinded with power and getting what he wanted and wanted all the attention and power so he decided that, that would be his mission. he turned his back on Spider Monkey and killed him. After having done that, Spider Pig realized what he had done. He realized what he did was wrong and now he was left partner-less and best friend-less. Spider Pig traumatized, began to scream and run and fell into a deep depression.

What was trying to be said was to remember how you got where you are and who got you there. Power should’t separate friends nor betray a friend.

Spider Pig’s websites: https://twitter.com/Spider_Pig_110
Spider Monkey’s website: spidermonkeysite.wordpress.com

I worked on this activity with Armando, and it was challenging for me, but he was really helpful and more creative coming up with the characters. I thought this activity had to have way more effort than any other activities in the past.

Week 9 – Classmate Conversation – Armando De La Mora

Armando De La Mora
2014-04-11 11.12.24
Armando is a second year student at CSULB with an accounting major. He chose this major because he likes business, it pays real well, it’s a lot easier to get a job with an accounting degree. Armando likes art because it makes things less boring and more interesting. As for the question of the week: After visiting many galleries and seeing the artists different art pieces, what is your favorite type (painting, sculpture, installation, Performance Art, Art Education, Public Art, Social Practice, New Media, etc.) and why? Armando said he likes sculptures and paint in the galleries. He likes the sculptures because he thinks they were cool and had different shapes, but paintings are his favorite because one can put whatever they want.

Week 9 – Artist Conversation – Maccabee Shelley

Maccabee Shelley
Maccabbe Shelley has a degree in Studio Art from Humboldt State University and a minor in Art History. He is now working on a post-baccalaureate a CSULB. He said CSULB is more intense, competitive, and and strong. Maccabbee said he loves creating something new because it excites him,m even the littlest artwork inspires him to do more. He says his small art creations are put into a bigger piece of artwork, which he called the snowball effect. He has been in the industry of art for as long as 9 years. This is his third gallery shown at CSULB. He prefers to have his art shown at CSULB because it’s more of a solo show. Maccabbee recently traveled to Italy, which inspired him to do the artwork that was displayed in the gallery. The medium he used for the artwork in the gallery were: materials made from ceramic, glass, plaster, acrylic, and latex paint. As a young child, Maccabbe was more interested in science, reading, and outdoor activity. He didn’t realize that he was becoming more interested in art until later in college. He then realized he did better in art and started to realize he kept taking art classes than he initially thought. He said that in art there is no real sense of security when it comes to jobs, but he loves what he does. He works hard making his creations and thinks of it more as a game by arranging the pieces together to create one piece.
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Week 8 – Activity – Mobile Public Art: Somebody & Art Writing & Editing

On Thursday, I used the Somebody App. I thought it was really weird and confusing when I used it. I received a message in my inbox to take a selfie with classmate Raquel Salazar, also known as Calexico. Unfortunately I was not able to find her in time and the request for that action had expired. I sent a message to any person to find classmate, Armando De La Mora. The message I wrote was, “What are this?” and the action I chose was for any random person with this app to yell it at him. I chose that message because I was really confused and it reminded me of a video I saw on YouTube of a dog being confused and “yelling”, “What are this?”. I looked under the “floating” feature of this app and saw some pretty interesting request. One request I saw was to kiss Nestor on the cheek. I thought this app overall was confusing and weird. I was not 100% sure how these features worked.
Screenshot_2015-10-15-15-51-30 Screenshot_2015-10-15-15-51-20

I then received an e-mail that my classmate Kristine Nguyen (https://ntkristine.wordpress.com/) did the activity of “Art Writing & Editing” and I decided to do it as well. She noticed that I had left out a word in the beginning of one of my sentences. She also had noticed my sentences were too short and choppy, and I agree. That was entirely my fault for not getting enough information from the artist. I then checked her work, and I was impressed by how much she wrote and how well descriptive her blog was. I did notice just 2 minor errors. 1 where I felt she really didn’t need to have a word in one sentence and another where she also left out a word in one of her sentence. Overall her writing is done pretty well.
week 8 activity week 8 activityy

Week 8 – Artist Conversation – Rhiannon Aarons

Rhiannon Aarons.
Rhiannon’s artwork in the gallery were prints of skulls and skeletons based off mythological creatures. The name of these art collections she made is called: Ex Libris. She had formal training in art since she was 17 years old. She’s worked as a nonprofit teacher for people with disabilities. Rhiannon spends most of her time helping other people in her community. She made her artwork on what she thought was interesting and what she felt was always forgotten in history, meaning throughout time things and people become forgotten and she wants to keep them remembered through her artwork. She said reserving her work to create these prints took a very long time. Rhiannon started her artwork as a digital designer. She’s had countless of her art presented in many galleries throughout southern California. She decided to work more hands on, in which she can create more prints like the ones shown below. Her website is: http://www.rhiannonaarons.com/
20151015_11092420151015_110113  20151015_110131

Week 8 – Classmate Conversation – Diana Solis

Diana Solis


Diana is a 4th year sociology major. She was born and raised here in Long Beach. Her hobbies include drawing freestyle on her spare time, hiking and eating. Diana likes art because it’s a way to express herself because there are no rules. She also likes art because there is no such thing as beauty or ugly, it’s one’s style interpreted in their own way. Art is a way of freeing your emotions. She believes life without art would be so boring. She believes we need art because world without it would be so plain. There would be no murals or artwork to look at, and life without art would just suck. As for the question of the week: “After visiting the galleries and seeing different artwork, how does anything you see in this artwork remind you of something you’ve seen or experienced?” Diana said last week’s gallery of Jane Weibel.’s ceramic artwork reminded her of her childhood and of playgrounds she used to play on. The other artwork gallery was the artwork of two weeks ago from the artist Alice Adreini’s painting of flowers and soldiers. It reminded her of her mother because her mother likes to garden, and she tried to take up gardening herself but didn’t quite have the green thumb. The soldiers in Alice Adreini’s painting reminded her of the little green soldiers from the movie Toy Story.

Week 7 – Activity – Ephemeral Art

This week’s activity was to do Snapchat drawings. I put 2 Snapchat posts on my stories from the art gallery today. My first post was plain, it was just the piece in the gallery.

My second post I drew a gymnast on the rings and a chick emoji lifting itself up on the rings.
I followed 3 other classmates on Snapchat’s.
I was very excited to do this activity because I regularly use Snapchat and draw on it, like my previous Snapchat posts below:
I use Snapchat regularly more than any other app, so I was looking forward to this activity. I felt that this time I didn’t really get to post anything as creative as I thought I would. It was still pretty cool to see my classmates’ doodling skills on Snapchat. 

Week 7 – Artist Conversation – Jane Weibel

Jane Weibel’s art was based on memories. Since we believe we remember something, and we think we remember it vividly, we don’t know if it’s accurate or if our mind creates a memory that never happened which led her to creating her artwork more abstract. Jane Weibel’s medium for her project were ceramic, fiber, and objects from her childhood such as clothes, shoes, and some decorations. She wanted the audience to remember their personal memories and learn whether the brain hangs on to this memory or manipulates a new one. With some objects she made she manipulated its shape the best way she could rememeber the objects real shape. The clothes and shoes she displayed were hers from when she was about two months old. Her artwork was more child-like, creative, and abstract. She believes the vibrancy of this creation was very important. She said the brighter the pieces the more able and direct we recall something. Jane Weibel said her favorite artists are Jessica Stockholder and Martail Raysee.
Jane Weible’s Instagram is: janenargette
  20151008_111619 20151008_112103 20151008_11244020151008_110838

Week 7 – Classmate Conversation – Shannelle Cruz

Shannelle Cruz
Shannelle is a 4th year health care administrator major. She is going to graduate this year and is very nervous but still very excited. With her major in health care administration she plans on working in hospital settings but in the office. She didn’t think she could really “gut it” and be a nurse, so instead she decided to work in the office of hospitals so she can still contribute and help. She says her position will help keep doctors, nurses, and patience’s information organized. As of now she works in Downtown Disney. Shannelle’s hobbies and interest include: keeping up with her health, going to the gym, binge watching movies, binge watching Netflix and Tahitian dancing. I then learned Tahitian dancing is like hula dancing, but faster. Shannelle comes from a Filipino background and says she is definitely planning to vacate there soon as soon as an opportunity arrives. As for the question of the week which was: “If you could dye your hair a certain crazy color, which color would it be and why?” She said she would dye her hair blue like Kylie Jenner did.

She said she would dye her hair blue because blue is her favorite color, but mainly because it reminds her of the ocean. She said she would also dye her hair blue because it would make her feel like a mermaid.