Week 6 – Activity – Identity Art

This week’s activity I used Periscope for the first time, and I thought it was pretty interesting. I broadcast four videos that were roughly around 20 minutes.The first Periscope I did was of me driving through Long Beach looking for a place to eat lunch. The second Periscope I did was when I went to In-N-Out. After I replayed the video, I didn’t realize the face I made when I get my food. My third Periscope was of me writing my paper. I actually had a live viewer, Armando who humorously said writing my paper sounded like fun. Lastly my last Periscope was of me on Tumblr. I spend a lot of time on Tumblr and if it wasn’t for me another paper, I would of probably spent 2 hours on Tumblr easily. I followed Glenn Zucman, Serina Khoury, and Armando De La Mora. Serina seemed to take a liking to Periscope and showed off her outfit of the day while she was shopping. I also viewed Armando’s Periscope and saw his cute dog. The 3 famous Periscopers I followed were Bree Olson, Jenny Mourey/Marbles and Matthew Santoro. I saw Bree’s Periscope of her feeding some Koi fish. I followed Jenny Mourey/Marbles and Matthew Santoro because I follow them on YouTube and Snapchat. Sadly, they did not have any videos on Periscope. I thought Periscope was almost as similar as Snapchat, except Periscope offers more interaction.
This was from my first Periscope driving out the neighborhood in search of a place to eat.
This was from my second Periscope where I saw the face I made when I finally got my food.
My third Periscope of me writing my paper.
This was my last Periscope of when I was on Tumblr.
Screenshot_2015-10-03-15-13-36 These Koi fish were from Bree Olson’s Periscope.
Screenshot_2015-10-04-16-00-33 This is Armando’s dog who showed obedience when he said sit and took out his hand.
Screenshot_2015-10-03-15-03-48 This was from Serina’s Periscope where she showed her outfit of the day.


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