Week 7 – Activity – Ephemeral Art

This week’s activity was to do Snapchat drawings. I put 2 Snapchat posts on my stories from the art gallery today. My first post was plain, it was just the piece in the gallery.

My second post I drew a gymnast on the rings and a chick emoji lifting itself up on the rings.
I followed 3 other classmates on Snapchat’s.
I was very excited to do this activity because I regularly use Snapchat and draw on it, like my previous Snapchat posts below:
I use Snapchat regularly more than any other app, so I was looking forward to this activity. I felt that this time I didn’t really get to post anything as creative as I thought I would. It was still pretty cool to see my classmates’ doodling skills on Snapchat. 


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