Week 7 – Artist Conversation – Jane Weibel

Jane Weibel’s art was based on memories. Since we believe we remember something, and we think we remember it vividly, we don’t know if it’s accurate or if our mind creates a memory that never happened which led her to creating her artwork more abstract. Jane Weibel’s medium for her project were ceramic, fiber, and objects from her childhood such as clothes, shoes, and some decorations. She wanted the audience to remember their personal memories and learn whether the brain hangs on to this memory or manipulates a new one. With some objects she made she manipulated its shape the best way she could rememeber the objects real shape. The clothes and shoes she displayed were hers from when she was about two months old. Her artwork was more child-like, creative, and abstract. She believes the vibrancy of this creation was very important. She said the brighter the pieces the more able and direct we recall something. Jane Weibel said her favorite artists are Jessica Stockholder and Martail Raysee.
Jane Weible’s Instagram is: janenargette
  20151008_111619 20151008_112103 20151008_11244020151008_110838


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