Week 7 – Classmate Conversation – Shannelle Cruz

Shannelle Cruz
Shannelle is a 4th year health care administrator major. She is going to graduate this year and is very nervous but still very excited. With her major in health care administration she plans on working in hospital settings but in the office. She didn’t think she could really “gut it” and be a nurse, so instead she decided to work in the office of hospitals so she can still contribute and help. She says her position will help keep doctors, nurses, and patience’s information organized. As of now she works in Downtown Disney. Shannelle’s hobbies and interest include: keeping up with her health, going to the gym, binge watching movies, binge watching Netflix and Tahitian dancing. I then learned Tahitian dancing is like hula dancing, but faster. Shannelle comes from a Filipino background and says she is definitely planning to vacate there soon as soon as an opportunity arrives. As for the question of the week which was: “If you could dye your hair a certain crazy color, which color would it be and why?” She said she would dye her hair blue like Kylie Jenner did.

She said she would dye her hair blue because blue is her favorite color, but mainly because it reminds her of the ocean. She said she would also dye her hair blue because it would make her feel like a mermaid.


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