Week 8 – Classmate Conversation – Diana Solis

Diana Solis


Diana is a 4th year sociology major. She was born and raised here in Long Beach. Her hobbies include drawing freestyle on her spare time, hiking and eating. Diana likes art because it’s a way to express herself because there are no rules. She also likes art because there is no such thing as beauty or ugly, it’s one’s style interpreted in their own way. Art is a way of freeing your emotions. She believes life without art would be so boring. She believes we need art because world without it would be so plain. There would be no murals or artwork to look at, and life without art would just suck. As for the question of the week: “After visiting the galleries and seeing different artwork, how does anything you see in this artwork remind you of something you’ve seen or experienced?” Diana said last week’s gallery of Jane Weibel.’s ceramic artwork reminded her of her childhood and of playgrounds she used to play on. The other artwork gallery was the artwork of two weeks ago from the artist Alice Adreini’s painting of flowers and soldiers. It reminded her of her mother because her mother likes to garden, and she tried to take up gardening herself but didn’t quite have the green thumb. The soldiers in Alice Adreini’s painting reminded her of the little green soldiers from the movie Toy Story.


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