Week 8 – Activity – Mobile Public Art: Somebody & Art Writing & Editing

On Thursday, I used the Somebody App. I thought it was really weird and confusing when I used it. I received a message in my inbox to take a selfie with classmate Raquel Salazar, also known as Calexico. Unfortunately I was not able to find her in time and the request for that action had expired. I sent a message to any person to find classmate, Armando De La Mora. The message I wrote was, “What are this?” and the action I chose was for any random person with this app to yell it at him. I chose that message because I was really confused and it reminded me of a video I saw on YouTube of a dog being confused and “yelling”, “What are this?”. I looked under the “floating” feature of this app and saw some pretty interesting request. One request I saw was to kiss Nestor on the cheek. I thought this app overall was confusing and weird. I was not 100% sure how these features worked.
Screenshot_2015-10-15-15-51-30 Screenshot_2015-10-15-15-51-20

I then received an e-mail that my classmate Kristine Nguyen (https://ntkristine.wordpress.com/) did the activity of “Art Writing & Editing” and I decided to do it as well. She noticed that I had left out a word in the beginning of one of my sentences. She also had noticed my sentences were too short and choppy, and I agree. That was entirely my fault for not getting enough information from the artist. I then checked her work, and I was impressed by how much she wrote and how well descriptive her blog was. I did notice just 2 minor errors. 1 where I felt she really didn’t need to have a word in one sentence and another where she also left out a word in one of her sentence. Overall her writing is done pretty well.
week 8 activity week 8 activityy


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