Week 9 – Activity – Transmedia

The year is 1961, during the invasion of Bay of Pigs. Russia had dropped a nuclear bomb and wiped out most living things. A spider that had ingested the nuclear waste bit a monkey and a pig. They then gained super powers and thus, became Spider Monkey and Spider Pig. Spider Monkey and Spider Pig became best friends and would fight crime against the Russians. These two heroes became well known and powerful. Unfortunately, Spider Pig was blinded with power and getting what he wanted and wanted all the attention and power so he decided that, that would be his mission. he turned his back on Spider Monkey and killed him. After having done that, Spider Pig realized what he had done. He realized what he did was wrong and now he was left partner-less and best friend-less. Spider Pig traumatized, began to scream and run and fell into a deep depression.

What was trying to be said was to remember how you got where you are and who got you there. Power should’t separate friends nor betray a friend.

Spider Pig’s websites: https://twitter.com/Spider_Pig_110
Spider Monkey’s website: spidermonkeysite.wordpress.com

I worked on this activity with Armando, and it was challenging for me, but he was really helpful and more creative coming up with the characters. I thought this activity had to have way more effort than any other activities in the past.


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