Week 10 – Classmate Conversation – Kim Pham

Kim Pham
Kim is a second year health science major. She originally came to CSULB with a prenursing major, but changed it because it was limited to that field only, unlike health science, one can move up in that field. She came from West Minister High School and said she wasn’t really into sports, but likes having the liberty to work out however she wants at the gym. Her hobbies include Netflix (Orange is the New Black is her favorite) trying new food from different cultures, and learning about different cultures along with the language. Kim likes to be out and being productive with her time and says she’s hardly home because she keeps herself busy throughout the day. Kim loves to eat tamales, but has yet to find a restaurant with the best tamales. She likes art because she likes when artists are creative and not obvious. She likes when the artist doesn’t have a clear message in the art and makes the viewers think about it, Kim likes those challenges. As for the question of the week: “If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?”, Kim said she’d like to travel to the San Terranean Islands in Greece because the view is breathtaking, they overlook the clear blue ocean and loves the food. She has previously traveled to Texas and goes to Vietnam yearly. She likes to travel, but does not enjoy the flight, especially when she goes to Vietnam. She said it is a twenty hour flight and it’s very uncomfortable and cramped.


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