Week 10 – Artist Conversation – Thomas Cressman

Thomas Cressman’s artwork collection is called Living Forms. He is currently a fifth year student at CSULB and majoring in metal work. He loves to make metal artwork mostly inspired by marine animals and the marine habitat in general. Most of his artwork is made up of metal, copper brass, steel, and silver and manipulated into the shape of mushrooms. He said the ocean inspires his artwork more than anything because it’s a whole new world. He has been interested in art since he was in middle school. He has sold a few of his artwork unless he uses for art shows and receives commission for selling his artwork. I have been always interested in marine habitats and was easily able to figure most shapes of his work. Most of his pieces displayed where in various shades of blue which were very beautiful. To discover more of Thomas’ work, his Instagram is: thom_cress6
20151029_110032 20151029_110042 20151029_110048 20151029_110055 20151029_110100-1


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