Week 10 – Activity – Game Design: Geocaching

This week’s activity was Geocaching. I had never heard of it, but thought it was pretty interesting. In my Altoids tin container I placed 2 little items: a I Heart LB State pin and a decorate magnet. I placed it under a convenient doggy bag box in a neighborhood nearby CSULB. I tried to find the geocach that was at CSULB’s pyramid, but was unsucessful. I tried in other areas when I was in Hollywood and Palos Verdes. I saw on the Geocaching app that there were other geocaches in the area, but I had to upgrade to Geocaching premium in order to to begin the navigation. I thought this activity was actually pretty cool because it was like a scavenger hunt. I would try again.

20151101_204710 Screenshot_2015-10-30-16-32-09


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