Week 11 – Artist Conversation – Kathy Yoon

Kathy Yoon is a senior at CSULB with a major in ceramics. She cannot wait to graduate, but still has yet to really know what she wants to be (career wise). She does though have some hope in working in a fine art studio for entertainment of character design. For this collection she used the method of coiling to help shape the figures of her ceramic pieces. Each piece took her 2-3 weeks to complete. Her figures are pretty basic, but uses red yarn which meant something symbolic and precious to her. Although she’s not sure what the real theme of her collection is, every ceramic figure is based off events in her life. To see more of Kathy Yoon’s work her Instagram is: kathy.c.yoon
20151105_110919 20151105_110925 20151105_110936 20151105_110944 20151105_110948 20151105_110954

I really liked her collection. Some of her figures I felt that I could emotionally relate to, but the pieces that were isolated had a bigger impact and must be more of a significant event than the ones that are pieced together.


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