Week 11 – Classmate Conversation – Miguel Lopez

Miguel Lopez
Miguel is a second year Mechanical Engineering major at CSULB. He really enjoys Mexican and Italian food and his hobbies include: playing soccer, playing instruments (guitar and accordion), and hanging out with friends. To Miguel, art has different meanings. He said that art depends on the individual rather than the artists’ meaning. He believes every art piece should be up to the audience to interpret. As for the question of the week: Are Tattoo’s art? Does it matter if you’re involved in designing a unique tattoo for yourself, or pick one from a book? What tattoo would you get? Miguel says tattoos are art because it’s a way of expressing yourself. He doesn’t think it matters if you design your own tattoo or pick one, but thinks it would be more symbolic to design one yourself. He also said he would design his own tattoo of a cross with his mother’s name.


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