Week 12 – Artist Conversation – Christopher Linquata

Christopher Linquata’s collection is shared along with artist Mike Kent, this collection is called, “Sacred & Profane”. This is Christopher’s last semester as a student at CSULB with a major in representational drawing and painting. The medium used for this collection was acrylic paint. The largest painting displayed in his collection took him four months to complete, and the preparation took about 5 and a half months, overall 6 and a half months total. he said that the idea behind the paintings are up to the audience to interpret, but otherwise for Christopher, it’s all made up by religious and mythological stories in modern times. He is inspired by renaissance paintings and street art. In his collection, this painting took place in “Sunken City” in San Pedro. To discover more of Christopher’s work, his Instagram is: icon5350.
20151112_110419 20151112_110426 20151112_112753
I really enjoyed viewing his collection, his art looks as if someone has captured a picture of the “perfect day” with friends. This collection to me, appears to represent bliss and simplicity.


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