Week 12 – Activity – EPortfolio

I have yet to take any major classes for my major (psychology), but I intend to later on change this website to inform my audience of my research, research methods, and statistics based on those research and comparative research methods, but for now I will write of my academic experience at CSULB. I also do plan to keep my art assignments but in a different category and keep this new information in another category so for whoever is interested can briefly read about my experiences at CSULB, but my main category will be of psychology. This was the first website I ever created that wasn’t a form of social media, and it has broaden my experience from this website and learning more about other computer website layouts. It was a bit of a challenge to decide which layout to use, but for now what I chose will do. I was able to add a “about” menu and will later on add more menus.


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