Week 13 – Artist Conversation – Shahrzad Ahrar

Shahrzad Ahrar transferred to CSULB to get her Masters in Fine Art and Graphic Design. She said when she got accepted into this program she thought it was interesting because it’s a program that she had to plan everything out, chose her thesis, and move on toward making projects based on her thesis. She said she has always been interested in art since a child and took many art classes during high school. Shahrzad migrated to America from Iran to escape the war in her home country. Her collection “Wake” was based on a few of her acquaintances and friends who have also migrated to the United States. She created art that was based on their stories through interviews, paintings, and more. Some of her artwork was a wallpaper fabric and design where behind some of the prints you can hear the story of the people she interviewed on migrating to the United States. For the kaleidoscope she made, they were used to represent the different major events in these immigrants lives. She used colorful objects inside the kaleidoscope to which she used those little objects as representation of the other immigrants stories. Some of these objects were money, holiday symbols, gender symbols and much more.

I really enjoyed this collection because it was interactive with the audience and I think it makes the viewing experience more pleasurable by using more than 1 of the 5 senses. I also liked the bowl that said to take a piece of the experience with you.


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