Week 14 – Classmate Conversations (Group) –

This week the two classmates I interviewed were Erika Cobarrubias (https://erikacobyy.wordpress.com/) (left) and Alicia Jones (https://aliciachristinajones.wordpress.com/) (right).
Erika is a 2nd year student at CSULB with a major in Kinesiology. She originally inteded to attend UCI for UC schools, but CSULB was her first choice for a public university. Erika commutes and lives at home in Cypress. She has two siblings, likes to hike, draw, loves Disneyland, alternative rock, EDM, loves the color turquoise, likes makeup, Japanese food, and currently drives a 4Runner. She is currently employed at Dairy Queen and is a part of ZTA. With her Kinesiology major she intends to become a physical therapist or an occupational therapist. Over winter break, Erika plans on eating a lot.

Alicia is also a 2nd year student at CSULB, but with a major in Film. With her major she intends to work into film editing. She is a cheerleader and coaches cheerleaders as well. Alicia is from Los Angeles and went to Gahr High School in Cerritos. Her favorite color is purple. Over winter break, Alicia plans on spending time with her family, eating a lot, catching up on sleep and Netflix.

As for the question of the week: “What art has made the biggest impact in your life… and why?”
Erika said music is the type of art that influences her as well as manga because she can use them as a reference to draw.
Alicia said music has made the biggest impact in her life because there’s different types of music for different types of emotions, dancing because she can showcase any emotion and it really impacted her because it’s close to cheer and cheer is a big part of her life and feels more comfortable while she’s cheerleading because it lets her truly express herself.


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