Week 14 – Artist Conversation – Katie Bickerstaff

This week there was a total of nine artist who are all currently working on their BFA. They were in the collection: “Figment”.
Although only one artist was available, Lourdes Martinez, Katie Bickerstaff’s piece caught my attention. Her piece was:
This caught my attention because I knew right away it was the issue of sexualizing women’s nipples. There have been many campaigns, protests, and documentations of “Free the Nipple” which focuses on gender equality and double standards; yet, the fact that men can be shirtless and show their nipples in public is okay, but if women were to show their nipples, it would cause major issues. Women’s breasts were just seen as  mammary glands to feed their infants,  but it wasn’t up until post-World War II, when nipples became a form of taboo through magazine ads, Hollywood films, and “gentlemen’s magazines”. “Free the Nipple” is a rising issue on social media, feminist, young women, and has been a topic of debate.


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